Aquaponics How To “Keep Up The Numbers”

This term is spoken quite often. Having a smart balance in your system is paramount here at Lilypad Farm. This term, simply put, covers the reason why we can harvest on a consistent basis.  The manufacturing of food in this style of sustainable farming must have a critical mass. Getting the profit and rewards in […]

basil-may-2012 (1)

Aquaponic Plant Selection – Only the Highest Quality

This starts with seed selections. For us, we have taken 3 years to find the right seed for the correct times to plant and start. Each plant has very specific needs. 450 pounds of Basil per week – April/May 2012 Here at Lilypad Farm, seed selection is carefully viewed. The actual germination is the ultimate […]


Aquaponic Cilantro

We’ve had so much response to the massive cilantro pictures that we decided to post a video on youtube. Highlights: Growing in three inch net pots in an aquaponics system allows us to grow this amazing cilantro. The root structure you’ll see in the video is a simple example of the reason why you need […]


Results of deep water raft aquaponics

This is a 2 month old cilantro plant in our commercial aquaponics system. It weighs over 5lbs and has a giant root system that is the result of deep water raft culture. Gravel beds might not do this. Here we use a deep water raft system (uvi system), …one more time – production production, production, […]

Aquaponics Training

What is aquaponics?

When you see an aquaponics system, the equipment looks very technical. It is technical, but don’t be afraid of that technicality. There is elegant simplicity in the design. The simple part of the sciences is really the fun part. I am Adam Harwood. I can tell you that I don’t carry PHD’s or carry letters on […]

Lilypad Farms Building

Commercial Aquaponics Training

Produce, produce, produce….this is our mantra at Lilypad Farm.  Commercial aquaponics is as much art as it is science.  If you want to see art in motion first hand, then maybe one of our 2-day intensive training courses is what you need. We have a producing Aquaponics system at Lilypad Farm based on the UVI […]