Aquaponics How To “Keep Up The Numbers”

This term is spoken quite often. Having a smart balance in your system is paramount here at Lilypad Farm.

This term, simply put, covers the reason why we can harvest on a consistent basis.  The manufacturing of food in this style of sustainable farming must have a critical mass. Getting the profit and rewards in the grow beds is that exact result. By keeping  up the numbers of germinating plants, this gives way to the most important part of the harvest.

“Never underestimate the power of this skill.”

What happens in the trays determines the output.

Second and not less critical is the fish biology and the feed rate. The annual feed rate has highs and lows here.

“Using a restocking method of fish is the key…paramount to none.”

With that said now we are getting closer to the key to Aquaponics. Deep water raft culture, the University of the Virgin Islands (UVI) method continues to be the positive.

Keeping up the fish size(by weight), feeding  rate ( by weight and hand feeding), alongside the size gain, of average fish , makes for the best case, here. We are currently posting extremely high numbers. Both in fish rate (weight return) and plant output.

We are currently in the 25th month of our first system and now have all three systems year round online. The next years of experience and  information here we’re hoping will pave the way for others to have the confidence it takes to Design, Build and Operate a system of your own that puts food in the hands of people.

”Living where you work.”

We here at “Liylpad Farm” continue to have rich and full lives while practicing the art form known as “Aquaponics”.

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