Lily Pad Farm is a family owned and operated aquaponic farm in central Texas. Started in 2009, our mission here is to grow the highest quality fish and produce for the community and to promote education about deep water raft aquaponics. The farm is sustainable and 100% natural. We never use pesticides, fertilizers, antibiotics, chemicals or GMO’s to grow our food. We are proud to bring hand crafted fish and produce to market year round.
We are not open to the public for food safety reasons, but offer short courses twice a year and individual or group classes by appointment.

Our mission is to supply high quality aquaponic kits, innovative products, and training based upon SRAC 454 to institutions and commercial farm operations to firmly establish the aquaponic skill set within the work force.

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Susan Harwood, President & Founder

Susan is constantly seeding, harvesting plants and feeding fish. Her practical aquaponics farming experience rivals any out there. Combined with her independent business background and education from University of Texas and Texas State, she is responsible for ensuring Apex Aquaponics LLC remains aligned with our overall committment to seeing this fledgling industry grow and thrive.

Adam Harwood, Vice President & Founder

Adam Harwood is the driving force behind Apex Aquaponics LLC. His deep knowledge and experience in aquaculture dates back over 25 years where he had the opportunity to be mentored by industry thought leaders. Today, Adam is passionate about clearing the path for the future of aquaponics farming by partnering with industry, academic and government leaders to secure the future of this sustainable farming practice for generations to come.

Vance Faulks, Secretary

Vance Faulks came across aquaponics in 1996 in a Scottish village where a spark of interest was ignited. 15 years later, his passion found him again as he and his wife embarked on an adventure to build an aquaponics farm. As one of Adam and Susan Harwood’s first students, they continue their farming journey. Vance is also a marketing expert with over 15 years experience in services marketing, ecommerce and content strategy.

Bruce K Harwood, Sales

Bruce K. Harwood brings years of sales leadership experience into Apex Aquaponics LLC.

Ed Tarbutton, Sales

Ed Tarbutton is a Texas businessman with over 40 years of experience in business management and sales.