Aquaponic Cilantro

We’ve had so much response to the massive cilantro pictures that we decided to post a video on youtube.


Growing in three inch net pots in an aquaponics system allows us to grow this amazing cilantro.

The root structure you’ll see in the video is a simple example of the reason why you need the twelve inches minimum of the deep water raft culture. A gravel bed can’t do this.

This plant is two months and a few days old. It weighs a minimum of five pounds.

This is cilantro. It has a ready market. We’re able to do this over and over again.

I can’t tell you how excited and happy we are that experimental crops do work. You can add cilantro to the list of seeds that work in a deep water raft culture aquaponics system. The video was from February 3, 2012. Keep up with the numbers.

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