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Welcome to Global Aquaponics.

The home of Lilypad Farm - Where our fish make the food.
Watch our aquaponic farm video or check out our global aquaponics blog.  
aquaponics basil
The above is the result of deep-water raft aquaponics grown at Lilypad Farm.  This aquaponics system was developed at UVI, and we've implemented a commercial aquaponics system modified slightly for growing aquaponics in central Texas.

Here at Global Aquaponics, we offer aquaponics training to get you started on your journey into aquaponics.  There is much we'll discuss in upcoming blog posts about the sustainable farm lifestyle and how a commercial aquaponics system can produce premium food throughout the year.  You can also do this in a backyard aquaponics system to provide for your family, friends and neighbors.

Stay tuned as we begin to share our perspective on "what is aquaponics" and "how to aquaponics".  Interest is growing and our goal is to share an authentic journey into our life here at Lilypad Farm.
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