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Aquaponics Day – May 9th, 2014

“Aquaponics” in My Vocabulary It’s has been in my vocabulary since June of 1992…. Austin Texas — Keith Lane, Backyard: 3,000 gallon tank, with 300 catfish average of 35 grams, with a floating “Protected flower from Florida State University. The humble attempt worked! All 300 catfish thrived and grew out in 22 weeks; we ate […]


Aquaponics vs. Hydroponics – The Margins Between

No Issue With Stand Alone Systems It is not hard to understand the difference. The main difference being the fish or other aquatic organisms. But there are numerous other differences we can cover in the future.  There are numerous ways to produce food. Please note! I am not calling these things bunk, Both types: Stand alone Hyrdoponics […]


Aquaponics…Fish Are Paramount, Not the Plants

There’s lots of confusion over this exact statement. Here, at Lilypad Farm, we have clean fish practices; the result is giant plants. When starting a small commercial system, or even better a small backyard aquaponics home unit, you may have trouble. The nutrient levels are low. So you, the producer, must be patient. SRAC-454 asks for […]