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Aquaponic Plant Selection – Only the Highest Quality

This starts with seed selections. For us, we have taken 3 years to find the right seed for the correct times to plant and start. Each plant has very specific needs.


450 pounds of Basil per week – April/May 2012

Here at Lilypad Farm, seed selection is carefully viewed. The actual germination is the ultimate key. Smaller germinated plants remain smaller thru the entire process. Our farm partners take great care in the preparation of the seedlings. Once the smallest of germination happens, the curation process begins. Simply put, we only transplant the strongest and best harvests. This has ensured returning customers and Superior Product. We will eat, and sell only the Highest quality food. There is no room for error.

Lilypad Farm can post numbers in the 90% from each raft. This has been my path. “Putting fine, handcrafted food in the hands of people”,…my favorite saying. This has a limiting effect on my diversity. Something that is done by choice. There are markets for all types of plants and flowers too. Lilypad Farm is known for consistent clean foods. Deep water Raft Culture will let the grower bring to it’s customers Live product that has very few Rivals!


Live Basil to the market – May 2012

Adam and Susan Harwood are proud to say thank you. We just hit our 2 year production. For building (a), with buldings (b&c) in production too. All of us here will continue to keep up the numbers. “Positive is how we live”.

The photos are from April/May 2012 with basil weekly production of 450 lbs, building (a). Current state of affairs: 10,450 fish  – Germinating over 14,200 plants. We will update in 4-6 weeks with new photos and plant updates too. Blessings fellow aquanauts A.H

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