Learn the methods, understand the science, discover the business.
Mulitple days of lectures and hands-on training on how to develop
and operate a successful aquaponic farm business.

UVI method Aquaponics Training

We are happy to share our success with others through an ongoing fostering and developmental skills training.

This mulitple day training allows you as a student to access the skills, experience and knowledge that will make your experience blossom. This shift in approach acknowledges the need for significant ongoing technical guidance required to ensure your success. Please feel free to contact Adam everyday from 9 am to 4 pm seven days a week. Adam thinks this is the answer to getting the students journey on the proper path to the Practice known as Aquaponics.

What You Will Learn

  • Fish tank and Grow bed Design and Construction
  • Plant Starting and Transplanting methods
  • Maintenance and Operational Issues
  • Plant Selection, Propagation and Harvesting


This is defining publication from the United States – Southern Regional Aquaculture Center publication #454. There is proven research spanning over 30 years which defines aquaponics.