Taking Care Of Business

It’s been some time since we last posted on this blog. There’s a great explanation for this. We’ve been taking care of business!

We continue to farm and to explore the boundaries of aquaponics all while living a healthy lifestyle. This is part of our positive living here. But, we do have an exciting event to share with you. I’m coming out from behind my fence to speak at the upcoming Texas Aquaculture 44th Annual Conference and Trade Show. Save the date – It’s January 29-31, 2014 in Fredericksburg, Texas.  See the details below on what I’ll be covering at the conference.

Aquaponics versus Hydroponics versus Hybrid Production

Texas Aquaculture Association

Adam Harwood, Lily Pad Farm, is in the business of aquaponics. He is bringing us his expertise in this field. He will give an explanation of the industry’s current methods and how the industry has come to be.  Mr. Harwood will discuss what makes a business aquaponics versus something different.  Then, he will share with us what’s happening at Lily Pad Farm, their current production, and how they are “taking care of business”.

Mr. Harwood has several years of experience in aquaponics. He > designed, built, and currently operates a small scale aquaponics/aquaculture operation. He maintains, cultures, retail sales for profit. Mr. Harwood built his farm in 2009 and has been involved with fish research/aquaculture since 1990.

SAVE THE DATE: Texas Aquaculture 44th Annual Conference and Trade Show – January 29-31 in Fredricksburg, Texas

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