Selling Live Food

We here at Lily Pad Farm sell only live food. Each plant is attached to the root ball. It is sold standing up in the vertical position. Most every other herb or leafing item is cut from the root and then it is displayed laying down.

Taking full advantage of deep water raft culture means each plant has zero transportation issues. Keeping the root ball (moist), allowing the plant to stand on it own, makes for the freshest possible food at the market. We sell Live Food! Lily Pad Farm is designed to sell it’s products directly to the consumer by putting food in the hands of customers we can explain the food of the future today.

We are often asked, “Do we eat this, or do we plant this?” With a smile and a soft voice we say, “Eat it first, if you can nurture the root ball, it can grow again!” This has become a marked advantage to being an Aquaponic farmer.

We recycle the net pot. In addition, we offer a small bag to put the food into. Currently net pots last 4-5 harvests, we use the 3″ net pot. “Keep up the numbers”. Thank you, Adam

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