Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer training?
Yes, training is ongoing, either by group or by individual. We have had over 100 students since starting classes in 2011.
If I attend a training class, do I get a discount on a system?
Yes, all cost of training is applied to system purchases.
Do I need a controlled environment greenhouse?
It is highly preferred you have some form of closed environment, primarily for insect control.
Can I grow in a warehouse, basement or garage?
It is entirely possible to grow indoors with the use of LED grow light applications.
Do you offer installation of your systems?
Yes, we off system build and installation worldwide.
How does system support work?
We offer help and support over the phone, through email, or in person. Once you become a member, your success is our success.
What is included in the cost of your systems?
We offer industrial grade equipment that has decades of testing and engineering. Our equipment is quickly becoming an industry favorite.
Can I assemble the system myself?
Yes, it is entirely possible for the average person to build one of our kits. The only requirement is a flat, hard, and level surface.
What can I grow?
We have had overwhelming success with leafing, fruiting and now rooting crops to include beets.
If you have a question about a specific crop, please fill out the contact form.
What types of fish can I use?
It is entirely dependent on climate and market. We have had success with Tilapia, Perch, Barramundi, Trout, and Catfish.

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  1. My wife and i recently attended a Aquaponics course in Florida, 4 days of instructions. at the end of the last day i asked if they ( the operators of the farm) could survive from the income of the farm or do they depend on the income from the course 4 times a year. Well my bubble burst needless to say, we were going to start a small aquaponic farm here in Bermuda.
    Could you say that you are surviving from your farm and if yes, what are you doing different.
    It is not right to sell a course about aquaponics when you are selling something even the instructor can not make a living from. I dont want to hear the term you must diversify yourself any more, sounds like a snake oil salesman. Hope you can help, we haven`t given up hope yet.

  2. High density fish practices along with mature financial decisions allowed us to post a profit starting in year 2. All the while we built our Aquaponics farm; it is farming and not a spreadsheet. So, the answer is an astounding yes. You can make a profit and we are a shining example of that. Give Adam a call at 5126678100 for further assistance.

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