Aquaponics – Coir vs. Hydroton in the System

We have never once used clay media or rock wool in our aquaponics system. Ever! Using a “media bed” with clay, rock wool or pebbles is strictly a trans-gardening and hydroponics industry notion. People, often unknowingly, have created a hybrid or a trans-garden from this exact discussion and labeled it aquaponics. Media Beds = Unhealthy Fish Practice and […]


Using aquaponics rafts made of Poly vs Styrene

Here, at Lilypad farm, we have finally made the Cross over… from Dow blue board to LiliPad ™ raft. In prior years, we planted in the “dow”- blue board, cleaning them every 30 days on average using a gentle water stream and a soft nylon brush. These new rafts details are below: 2′ x 4′ […]